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Bladder Incontinence
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy helps treat bladder incontinence by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to help improve or resolve symptoms of urinary leakage.
Cesarean Delivery Recovery
Postoperative Physical Therapy for Cesarean Delivery decreases pain and increases mobility while speeding up recovery time.
Diastasis Recti
Seeking Physical Therapy during and after pregnancy can help resolve diastasis more quickly.
Hip Pain
Physical Therapy can help improve hip pain as well as ways to help increase mobility and function.
Low Back Pain
Consulting physical therapy when signs of back pain occur can help improve your quality of life and daily activities.
Pain with Exercise
Targeted Physical Therapy exercises can help the body find relief from pain associated with exercise. We work together to develop a customized treatment plan based on your condition, level of activity and needs.
Postural Changes
Physical therapy can help restore beneficial postures that have adapted to a pregnancy or postpartum period.
Painful Sex
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy helps to increase blood flow, decrease sensitivity, and release trapped nerves associated with painful sex. It also helps to relax and tone the vagina muscles leading to a more enjoyable sexual experience.
Persistent Postpartum Pain
Pain and discomfort after childbirth is common and can lead to persistent pain. If you’re suffering from abdominal or pelvic pain, we can help identify the issue and create a treatment plan to help alleviate symptoms.
Pelvic Pain
Physical Therapy can be an effective treatment for pelvic floor pain caused from muscles and connective tissue in the structure of the pelvic floor.
Symptoms of prolapse can improve with skilled pelvic floor physical therapy. Those symptoms can include pelvic heaviness, pelvic fullness, the sensation of something falling out of your vagina, constipation, or painful sex.
Pubic Symphysis Pain
Pubic Symphysis separation or pain can occur as the pelvis accommodates to a pregnant body and carrying a baby. This can lead to instability and pain. A combination of stabilization exercises, ice, positioning, and manual therapy are used to restore proper alignment .
Urinary Frequency
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy has been shown to improve symptoms associated with OAB (Over Active Bladder) by helping retrain and coordinate the muscles of the pelvic floor.
Reconditioning Due to Pregnancy
Many changes happen during pregnancy. From physical to hormonal, pregnancy can change almost every body system. Postpartum Physical Therapy can help relieve symptoms associated with abdominal and pelvic floor changes, weight gain, de-conditioning from lack of exercise, pain in the back, pelvis, hips or ribs and more.
Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain
Physical Therapy helps to ease pain and restore normal motion to the joint. An individualized treatment plan will be determined to best meet the needs of each individual.
Scar Tissue Pain
Physical Therapy can help reduce formations that can occur during any type of labor and delivery so you can restore normal functional mobility.
Thoracic Pain
Physical Therapy can help address this upper back pain sometimes caused by body changes, feeding postures or unique postures acquired during motherhood.

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At Perspectives Physical Therapy we specialize in using rehabilitation to reduce pain and to help you return to the activities you enjoy. Take the first step in feeling better by making an appointment today! 


Perspectives Physical Therapy 

Being pregnant and then postpartum recreates a woman’s body. It is our belief that women should have the rehab, care, guidance and support to go through these changes and address any body pain or painful movement patterns with knowledge, science, compassion and individual treatment plans.

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"Dr. Corinna helped to heal my diastis recti, improve mobility in my c section scar, alleviate pain in my hips and quads - and more. She is SO kind, gentle, compassionate, understanding and makes you feel so comfortable! She also helped me to have a deeper understanding of the inner workings of my body, and gave me so many wonderful exercises and tips to incorporate in my day to day life. Thanks so much!"

Lauren R.

"I feel lucky to have worked with Corinna throughout my pregnancy to regain mobility and stay active! Pregnancy created so many changes in my body, but when my hips started having problems to the point that I couldn't do normal activities like walking the dog I knew that I needed help. I was discouraged about how hard I thought the remaining months of pregnancy would be, but Corinna immediately gave me confidence that pregnancy didn't have to be this way! Corinna saw the problem immediately and worked with me to build a personalized plan to create the flexibility and strength that I needed. Before we started working together I had problems walking around the block and after several weeks I was able to start hiking and enjoying the outdoor activities I love again. Beyond being an incredible PT, Corinna was also an amazing support person for pregnancy as a mom herself. I highly recommend working with her!"

Alli, Age 37

As an athlete for many years, having twins really took a toll on my body. I couldn’t move the same or engage my core the way I was used to during heavy lifts and intense exercise. Working with Corinna helped me reconnect everything- my breathing, movement and muscles. Everything started working harmoniously again. She taught me several breathing techniques to implement during exercise and helped me get back to a place where I didn’t have to think about it so hard and I could just move properly again. She also gave me core-rebuilding exercise for my slight distaste’s recti. Aside from being extremely knowledgeable in post-partum health she is extremely warm, understanding and patient. She is a pleasure to work with."

Jessica, Age 36

"I had 3 kids, each one a year apart from the last, and on my 3rd child I was diagnosed with symphysis pubis dysfunction. I was in so much pain on my right side that it hurt to stand, walk, and sleep on my side. I knew I needed to do something about it, but a regular PT never could fully address my issue. Thankfully I found Corinna. I messaged her and told her my symptoms and would love to see her. Corinna talked with me via chat and then she suggested we do a virtual visit! She was so accommodating regarding my busy schedule and location. We went over some movements that would help me relieve some pain and then after the call she sent me this app where she inputted all her recommended movements with a schedule and time log. She follows up with me to make sure I’m on track and feeling good, but not in a pushy way. I would highly recommend Corinna to any one who needs help with their women’s health issues."

Liz, Age 37

"Dr. Corinna is amazing! She helped me with prolapse after I gave birth to my second son and I feel so much better. She helped me learn about how my body works and gave me exercises to rehab my entire pelvic floor. She also taught me functional moves to use in everyday life to protect myself from injury again. I’d definitely recommend her!"

Christina Vilbig

"I started seeing Dr. Lau to help me manage my diastasis recti after having my second child. I had a pretty significant gap, as well as back pain and an extremely weak core. Working with her has been so helpful for many reasons. First of all, she's incredibly kind, gentle, and compassionate which makes the whole process much easier from an emotional and mental health standpoint. Additionally, she's super knowledgable and has taught me so much about my core and pelvic floor muscles. I've learned how to engage muscles I didn't even know existed! She customizes my exercise plans to target my weaknesses while also making them practical so I can do them from home. I feel genuinely supported by Dr. Lau and would recommend her to anyone looking to rehabilitate their DR!"

Tess G.

"Corinna's professional expertise paired with her Crossfit experience made her the ideal PT to assess and assist me after my second child was born. She knew exactly the kind of intensity I was used to performing at prior to my pregnancy and also understood what my goals were postpartum. After a thorough assessment, we worked on a plan that basically built my strength from (almost literally) the bottom up. She gave me the confidence to navigate that first postpartum year, knowing that the strategies and techniques we practiced were protective and strengthening to my body. I highly recommend that any postpartum person, regardless of what your fitness level is and what your goals are, make an appointment with Corinna. Your body will thank you for it!"

Sharon, Age 41

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